The World Heavyweight Championship Does NOT Go Back to the NWA

Posted on July 2nd, 2013 by BeltFanDan

After seeing the WWE build up videos during RAW last night, we are once again seeing WWE re-write history in order to better suit themselves.

This is a subject that has been argued many times on numerous websites, but here is my personal take on it. I could be wrong, but it makes the most sense to me. Let the debate begin:


Despite what WWE continues to claim, the World Heavyweight Championship belt has no link to the NWA or Lou Thesz or George Hackenschmidt. The only thing the WHC and NWA belt share, is at one point both were represented physically, by the Big Gold Belt. over the last 11 years has changed stances on this 4-5 times.

The truth is, WWE’s WHC only goes back to Triple H in 2002.

The NWA World Heavyweight Championship which was eventually represented by the PHYSICAL Big Gold belt in 1986, splits up numerous times.

While the Big Gold belt did represent the NWA lineage back to Hackenschmidt, the NWA pulled it’s association with the belt in 1993.

From 1993 on, the NWA lineage has continued to be represented by the reinstated Domed Globe design, which is still used to this day.

From the time WCW split from the NWA in 93, the Big Gold belt from then until 2001, represented the WCW champion but did have ties to the pre-1993 NWA lineage.

Using WWE’s kayfabe storyline to further prove they are incorrect:

The WCW and WWF belts were UNIFIED by Chris Jericho.

When Brock Lesnar became UNIFIED champion and became “exclusive” to Smackdown, Eric Bischoff created a NEW championship. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is a BRAND NEW championship that started in 2002. It has no prior history to any other title or lineage. It only shares the same physical representation by using the Big Gold belt.

The WCW belt was never “Un-unified”. Bischoff just created a new championship.

This if you want to be nitpicky, the WWE Championship John Cena currently has, which is the evolution of the WWE Undisputed Championship, IS the belt that can claim the WCW and WWF histories. If they want to claim any belt to have a link to the NWA, it would be this one. Not the WHC which history only dates back to Triple H.

The biggest cause of confusion is the physical representation being the Big Gold belt design. I believe if they didn’t use the same design for the NEW 2002 Championship, much of this confusion would have been avoided.

What do you think?



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